Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CAMWorks Nesting - A nesting product on SolidWorks

Geometric is delighted to announce the release of CAMWorks Nesting®, a new product from Geometric that can automatically nest parts or assemblies in SolidWorks.
It is seamlessly integrated within SolidWorks® and creates the nested layout as a new SolidWorks Assembly. CAMWorks Nesting uses Geometric’s NestLib®, one of the fastest and most full featured automatic, true-shape, nesting libraries available.
This add-on module can be used to create efficient layouts of metal, wood or composite based materials, producing the maximum number of parts from a single piece of raw material within minutes.
  • Full associativity with SolidWorks® - Updates are tracked, and flagged whenever a change is made to the component and are reflected instantly
  • Increased productivity - No need to unfold parts or to convert 3D parts to 2D for nesting
  • Automatic Nesting - Nests multiple parts, based on the material and thickness, thus eliminating the manual efforts of segregating individual parts
  • Improved sheet utilization - Advanced nesting algorithms reduce raw material consumption by providing optimized and compact layouts
For more information, visit our website http://www.camworks.com/products/CAMWorksNesting.aspx

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