Saturday, September 26, 2009

Automatic Remnant Determination

Nowadays business is highly competitive and manufacturing firms are looking for ways and means to reduce cost at each and every stage. Reducing scrap is an important activity, which can result in considerable cost saving. Given a set of parts, It is always not possible to use the entire sheet. For example, in a sheet size of 48"x72", the parts may occupy only a portion of the sheet as shown in the figure below.

Nested Layout

The usable remaining sheet, gray shaded area in the nested layout is called remnant sheet and can be used for nesting parts in the next manufacturing run. From nested layouts, determining such remnant sheets is generally a manual activity. Nestlib provides options to determine remnant sheets automatically. Various remnant shapes like rectangular remnant, stepped remnant, true shape remnant can be determined.

Rectangular Remnant

Stepped Remnant

True Shape Remnant

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