Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do we need need nesting in the Design Stage itself?!$

Yes, We need nesting solution in the design stage itself for optimal part design with maximum material utilization thus reducing the product cost.

1. If we have a nesting utility in the design tool itself, the designer can nest the part(s) and check his design immediately for material utilization and redesign suitably to improve material utilization. Design modifications done at an early stage are less penalizing and eliminates costly and often iterative design modification/change process.

2. Nesting at the design stage also helps to design parts to suit standard coils rather than sheets, which will reduce the manufacturing cost.

3. Nesting at the design stage is helpful to identify the right sheet size and the quantity early, thus expediting
raw material purchase.

4. Nesting integrated with a modeler helps contract manufacturers to estimate the sheet metal product cost accurately to give a competitive quote,
thus increasing the possibility of winning the contract.

5. Nesting integrated with a modeler can help in Should Costing as well, to calculate accurate costs and to negotiate for better prices.

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